Northney Yacht Repairs offer a top quality osmosis treatment service at a highly competitive price backed up by a 5 year guarantee.

Much has been documented on the subject of osmosis in boats including: the causes - how to recognise it - the risks associated with it and how to treat it.

If you are considering osmosis treatment then you probably have already undertaken some research into the problem and come to our site with some knowledge.

You may also find the information at: Osmosis Information and Hot Vac help to complete the picture.

You will probably be aware by now that osmosis treatment does not come cheap so we strongly advise you to consider taking expert advice before proceeding.
We would be delighted to undertake a free survey for you and provide you with an honest assessment on the extent of your problem and recommend the best course of action. Which may be good news that treatment is not necessary ------------!.

Before any repairs are undertaken, after confirmation of an osmosis problem, it is essential that the following work is carried out:

· The thorough removal of absorbed water from the hull.

· The removal of acids, glycols and other organic compounds that cause corrosion, glass to resin bond weakening, delamination and blistering.

Our treatment programme is in four stages:

Stage 1. Quantify the problem
Stage 2. Remove the causes of the problem
Stage 3. Repair the damage and restore the hull
Stage 4. Apply protection against future problems

Stage 1.

· Our work programme starts with the removal of the gelcoat to expose the laminate for the decontamination and drying work to start. For this we use the Gelplane gelcoat peeler which is widely recognised as one of the best methods for stripping the coat.

· Having exposed the laminate we carry out a moisure content survey of the complete hull below the waterline and compile a 'moisture map'.Using the Sovereign moisture meter enables a precise measurement of both the deep and shallow moisture content of the hull.

Stage 2.

· We now grit blast the hull to etch the surface and remove any soft areas.

· A detailed examination of the hull is undertaken to ensure that no damaged areas remain hidden.

· The hull is then high pressure steam washed to remove acids and other contaminants.

· At this stage we erect a cover tent to commence the drying out process using our HotVac system.

· After applying the HotVac process to the complete hull we undertake further moisture tests and repeat the drying process until the moisture readings are at an acceptable level.

The hull is now in a condition to commence the rebuild process.

Stage 3.

· Any damaged laminate is replaced with epoxy resin and cloth.

· Unlike many repairers we now sheave the hull with a layer of epoxy resin and cloth.

· This is followed by a coat of epoxy and five coats of epoxy primer such as International Gelshield 200.

Stage 4.·

· The project is completed with the application of two coats of anti-fouling of the customers choosing and the issue of our guarantee.


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