hull stripped, repair major areas

Here the hull has been stripped of gel coat using the gelplaner and the glass mat is exposed. It is marked out for attaching the Hotvac panels and we can see three panels in place for the heating and extraction process to begin. Each treated section is tested with a moisture meter to ensure that all moisure has been extracted before moving the pads to the next section.

Hotvac panels
The hull is now completely dry and free of glycols and the Hotvac panels have been removed. The damaged areas of the hull are being cut out and repaired before application of a sheathing layer of resin impregnated glass mat to the entire hull. Here we can also see the tent which is constructed around the boat to ensure that the hull is kept dry and warm during the whole drying out and rebuild process. This work is now undertaken in our new permanent,covered in garage,facility.
Sigma completed
Here we have the Sigma at the end of the project. The hull has been coated in a layer of glass mat before epoxy coating and final antifoul. A new boot top and a hull polish complete the project.