The downforce on the mast of this Southerly 42 had caused the hull cross members to breakaway from the hull. Here we see the extent of the task to gain access to the interior skin of the hull to enable repair and strengthening. Removal of a significant amount of interior woodwork and fittings throughout the main cabin, heads and starboard berth cabin was necessary. Rebuilt cross beams can be seen here.

Here the moulded floor of the heads had to be cut out for access to rebuild hull cross beams. After taking a pattern from the original floor a new one was moulded and glassed in after hull repair.

More work in the starboard cabin which has been stripped and the newly strengthened cross beams can be seen. The initial hull survey was undertaken by our expert advisors JIM PRITCHARD ASSOCIATES, Naval Architects and Marine Surveyors who acted as consultants throughout the remedial work programme.