Westerly keels

This Westerly Centaur was leaking badly around the keel bolts - a common problem with bilge keel boats on drying moorings. The constant flexing load placed on the keels by grounding at each tide eventually takes its toll on the bolts and the hull.

Westerly keels 2
We manufactured frames to support the keels during removal. Both keels were then removed and the hull strengthened on the inside using epoxy resin and glass cloth. New fillets were installed across the keel box to provide additional protection against further flexing.
Westerly keels fillet
The bolt fixing holes were redrilled and the keel plates sealed with 2 pack marine seal before replacing the keels. We believe that she is now 'better than new' and is ready for many more years on a swinging mooring without problems. This type of work also enhances the value of these very popular boats and improves their saleabilty.